Answers to questions you may have about this website!

♦ Why did you make this site? ♦

I've been wanting to make a site like this for a few years because I noticed how scattered and scarce information regarding the Sherlock Hound anime series is. I wanted to make the ulitmate archival site that brings in information from all across the internet and physical media I can get my hands on.

♦ Can I submit information to be added to the site? ♦

Please do! You can contact me over Twitter or Discord. My Twitter can be found here. My Discord handle is " ##### ".

If you have any physical Sherlock Hound media you would like preserved, please send me a message and we can talk about what we can do to preserve it.

♦ I want to add a link to your website on my site. Do you have a button? ♦

Right here!

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